06 September 2009

Institute 2.0

The designers institute of New Zealand or dinz for short, is the something designers should be atleast aware of, and probably should sign up to (I will when I get my next cheque...). All the changes to do with dinz, so far (minor CSS issues aside), I've been quite impressed. Pro Design looks much nicer, the website has had a makeover, but more importantly there are some very nice articles on there too. I may sound like I'm impartial with Design Assembly featuring in Pro Design's current issue, but they have made some nice changes.

The change away from the extended type is welcome, while the old was not at 'bing' proportions it was still a little off, I would have liked to see the new logo pushed more, but when dealing with a bunch of different designers it probably better be on the safe side = Helvetica.

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