19 August 2009

King uncrowned

Liquor King one of the many liquor outlets in New Zealand, being one of the more established outlets I would assume it would still hold a decent market share, with 42 outlets nationwide. Liquor sales have been a debated issue for a while in New Zealand, teenage drinking, drunk driving, drinking leading to other horrible things. Also things items like the 1999 deregulation of New Zealand Liquor industry allowing beer to be sold in supermarkets, and in 1989 wine was able to be sold in supermarkets). Convenience stores having the right to sell alcohol as well, with recent 150sq/m issue bringing this more to light.

What ever side you agree or disagree with is beside the point in terms of this blog but if you want some other reading here a few articles to start you off (NBR, Guide2)

I wondered what the reasons where for the change as I thought the previous logo was good, if they wanted a change and found that Lion Nathan decided on the change earlier this year also that it's online sales are poor (although they have yet to change the site significantly).

The most obvious change is the move from 'Liquor King' to 'LK'. Many logo design blogs have discussed the change from established name to a acronym or nice-name. Although I don't think they intend people to start referring to them as LK, I don't think the brand is recognisable as just LK, the combination of the colours helps to distinguish the brand.

Another change is the removal of the crown motif, replaced by bubbles forming a New Zealand map. The current trend of the addition of gradients, bevels and 3D effects was not missed too. I found the crown to be a solid mark conveyed what Liquor King meant 'bubbles and a crown'. The new logo which is of a badge which maybe... a jug being poured?

I think keeping the old motif and changing the typography would have been enough, redesigning the store too, to help with a brand new feeling. I think the site is lacking at the moment, in terms of interface design and probably should have been the first thing invested in, rather than a logo that will need to be updated in a few years time.
Side of store showing application of logo on Riccarton Road by Bush Inn.

Sorry for the poor new logo image was hard to track down.

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