07 September 2009

Sunny Circle removal

While watching Canterbury (who are now Ranfurly Shield holders, thank-you DC) play in the Air New Zealand Cup, I noticed on the back of the players jersey's a blue block featuring Scenic Hotels. I immediately thought Scenic Circle Hotels, so I suppose the name change isn't so much of a big thing.

The removal of logos with gradients is some thing that I generally would condone, but when your logo is most recognisable with a circle then maybe a nod to the old, even though the 'circle' part has been removed from the name, would be good. The new is 'nice' but quite forgettable, losing much of it's uniqueness in the mark. I also do not like the changing of cases within a single word, to add "friendliness".

1 comment:

  1. I still like the old design than the new design. The new design is quite symbol but it is much better if you add symbols or icons