14 September 2009

Fresher and Fruitier

If you haven't seen the Fresh'n Fruity fridges that seem to be in every Supermarket and in some supermarkets, staff handing out leaflets advertising Fresh'n Fuity.

Fresh ‘n Fruity Marketing Manager, Caroline Giller, says
“We are very excited to bring our new Fresh ’n Fruity Superfruits™ range to market which delivers a new taste sensation in the yoghurt category.” “The new range is a perfect partner to join the classic flavours we already have on offer, but uses unique fruits known to be high in antioxidants and pack a real punch in flavour and taste. We hope the new range will not only reinforce our valued customers’ loyalty but also generate new consumers to try Fresh’n Fruity.”

The redesign was done by Dow Design for Fonterra. Fonterra’s brief was to create a distinctive and memorable design to differentiate the Fresh’n Fruity brand from competitors.

‘The packaging had to have the personality and attractiveness that is the long established Fresh’n Fruity world" says Dow designer Andrew Sparrow.

The Dieline has plenty of images of the packaging change (and basically all the text I have).

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