06 September 2009


I know little about Hirequip, I have never had to hire anything that they supply so I am no expert in what they do. So here's what their site says verbatim;

"Welcome to the site of New Zealand’s leading hire company, Hirequip. Our nationwide network of hire branches makes hiring convenient and with over 50 years experience in the hire industry you’re guaranteed to receive quality advice, every time."

I think that they have pushed this into the wrong direction, the previous logo had aged a little poorly, but it is a sturdy logo that I feel fits more with the brand than the new logo does. Maybe the removal of the 'swooshes' around the HQ and slightly less bold typeface would have sufficed. I do like the shortened HireQuip to 'HQ' part of the previous logo, it gives me the notion that somebody thought that this was the Headquarters for hiring stuff. Period. I like that stance and it seems to follow the websites statement above.

UPDATE: The re-design was handled by FireBrand.

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