23 September 2009

The Countdown to W?

Progressive enterprises is to phase out it's Woolworths and Foodtown Supermarkets in New Zealand over the next five years (as per this article on stuff) and put in place a 'new generation Countdown'. So an update of the Countdown brand was in order.

So another change to a rounded bold humanist sans serif, which reminds me of the Kodak rebrand. The move away from the complementary red and green that sat horribly together to a white background is much better on everyone's eyes. And although the Kodak change felt, to me, that it was unresolved the Countdown rebrand sits a little better, although the 'n's seem to descend below the baseline optically.

Now onto the Logo mark at first glance I immediately remembered the Woolworths rebrand in Australia and now all I see is an Apple and a 'W', but I guess at a stretch you could say it was a 'c' and 'd'. I can't help but feel let down that they didn't use a new logo.

Thanks Louise for the help.


  1. I saw in the Dompost the other day Apple are going into battle over Countdown/Woolworth's new logo. Was interesting to read that they felt that because Woolworths has branched into small electronic goods etc that the new brand was to close to Apple's. What are you're thoughts on that? I'll see if I can track that down.

  2. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/national/technology/2931043/Apple-bites-over-Woolworths-logo

  3. DO we know what the font is called??

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