08 June 2009

Gothic Energy

A while ago Demon Energy was released and grabbed a niche market of the ever expanding energy drink market in New Zealand. Now many drinks have been released into a similar market that aims at the sub 30 male market. Offering more energy than your standard (more colourful) energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Lift plus and V, that makes you think of Youtube clip's like Powerthirst and College Humours' reply. Mother energy drink have recently been aggressively pushing their advertisement explaining the need for excessive amounts on energy.

Other products such as Relentless, Ink and even Illicit Cola share a similar branding strategy dark colours usually black and red, with Gothic black letter typography. Their advertising strategy seems similar to that of Beer advertising pushing an image rather than their product (homogenous product and point of difference being advertising image).

Coca-Cola have been putting in tens of million dollars behind Mother Energy it seems they may be here to stay, appealing to what I can sum up as this market. Here's to hoping it follow's in the path of Cherry Cola.


  1. The gothic style is horrid really. The name mother and a sharp pointy gothic type face dont gel together at all.

    Its not a market leader its a market follower and its not really keeping up

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