17 June 2009

Less Dick more X

I wasn't going to post this one and had it saved as a draft for a while because it has has already been covered on Brand New (but as a Australian brand and recently Westfield Riccarton opened a new Dick Smith upstairs which has the new logo) and it was also covered on Design Assembly.

The old New Zealand one differs from the old Australian one featured on Brand New (the Electronics is much more generously kerned and the head descends rather than Ascending on the Australian version. If you can't be bothered reading through all of Chris Thorpe's post then to summarise it was done by Hoyne Design.

and Statement from Dick Smith via Chris Thorpe guest blogging on Brand New:
The objective of the rebrand was to make the Dick Smith brand relevant in today’s market and support the business moving from electronics to technology. Research conducted over past 18 months confirmed the Dick Smith Brand was dated and considered old fashioned. The word electronics had us stuck in the 1970s. We’re in the technology and entertainment business and we realised we needed a contemporary brand to match that.

I liked the geeky illustrated face and it will be sad to see it disappear to be replaced with a more generic logo-type although the old one was dated it added to its charm and it felt right for the store. The name Techxperts is confusing and the staff at Dick Smith are often unhelpful and will avoid you.

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