19 August 2010

Batter up

I couldn't find a good summary of what Pink Batts are. So if you don't know have a look around their site, but the main product is a type of pink wool-like home insulation. So focusing just on the logo, the change of font from Helvetica rounded Black to what I thought was modified Bauhaus, but is Harry Pro. The tag has also changed from the ever popular condensed gothic to the logo-types Harry Pro as well.

As with the usual change in using all lowercase, the friendly approachable feel is what is desired. But I feel the change is a less successful logomark. Baring the oddness of the tag line, the overall logo feels less like a home made of Pink Batts. The ascenders are a bit too high, the loss of the rounded edges makes it seem too stark and the connection of the underline to the descending stem of the 'p' also removes the illusion of the 'Kiwi home'.

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