24 July 2010

Look out for the red square

Put up by popular demand :). Another Foodstuffs company Pams, a staple on the shelves of Pak'n'save, New World and Four Square. There is so much to cover in the packaging, website, illustrations. I will just focus on the logo, which makes it easy.

The old logo was ok, it had the feeling of an Aunty Pam with its handwriting and tight kerning of the P and a. But the logo has dated (maybe adding charm to the brand?). But they have changed their logo and definitely for the better. The American Typewriter font set small and tightly within large red tilted square makes pam's products instantly recognisable from afar (as below). The small lowercase type plays on the New Zealand underdog mentality and the heart within the negative space is a nice touch to add to the homely Aunty idea.

The change was done by Brother Design.There is also some nice discussion here


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