13 July 2009

insert bad pun about explosion

I have recently been watching 'Rocked the Nation 2 - 100 Pop Culture Stories' and thought: Why haven't I thought of the C4TV logo change? Also seeing the people blog about MTV recent change (here and here) and the amount of 'quality' programming that feature on both lead to me post this. C4 overhauled all it's graphic from ads to pop graphics at the start of April this year.

The logo redesign was done by The Church, those great folks who bring us Semi Permanent (which is coming up, book your tickets now). The previous logo, which I have been recently informed was done in-house and you can see a nice line up of the logo changes since C4's beginning on Wikipedia.

I am rather indifferent on this redesign. I didn't mind the old logo, although I think the newer one is a better. The changes to the small bits that are inbetween programmes and advertising are much nicer than previous, nice and simple, although I would like my counters back.

1 comment:

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