09 July 2009

More regular care

Nurse Maude as they put it on their website:
Nurse Maude provides community and acute nursing and homecare throughout Canterbury and Care Coordination in Christchurch and Wellington as well as inpatient care in the Nurse Maude Hospice and Hospital.

The new logo has been implemented and I am disappointed that they discarded the old 'nm' logo, even if the overlapping of letters is clich├ęd. It was a iconic symbol on the side of the small white hatchbacks that drove round to city.

A gradiated fade in a murky blue with the white characters, gives it a slightly eerie look. The light colour may create legibility issues, but so far I haven't seen problems with its application.

The new logo, at a larger size the gradient is more obvious.
But even at a small size on envelopes the gradient is noticable.

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