10 February 2011

How to cut C4

Mediaworks decided that the network needed a change, shift in programming has and is happening on its channels. TV3 will now have a similar focus to TVNZ's TVone and the programming that seemed more like TVNZ's '2' will be moved to a new channel called Four (that will keep the space of the existing C4). C4TV will continue, but as a purely music tv channel appearing on Freeview channel 9.
Launch last Sunday (6th February), which featured advertising with a large yellow rubber ducky (I can't get over the eyes, the light source doesn't make sense.

The new logo and brand extension are reminiscent of recent changes to Comedy Central in the US. I quite enjoy the new look of Four, but all I want is Mr Stewart and Mr Colbert back on New Zealand TV. If Four does this, then I will be very happy. (Still don't understand Comedy Central removing it from programming.


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