14 October 2010

Garden of Eden

Eden Park is main sporting stadium in its biggest city in New Zealand, Auckland. The stadium also has the largest capacity in here too and will host the Rugby World Cup final and Semi finals in 2011.

Rather than regurgitating information, I suggest reading this post from Idealog's Design Daily. Also, Eden Parks press release.

Now down to the logo, the design was done by Auckland based studio Lemonade Design. A design trend that some designers now cringe about, is the overuse of Hoefler & Jones' Gotham. I am still a fan of the typeface and seeing as Auckland could be considered New Zealand's Gotham City there could be a connection there, although we don't have the terminal building which was the inspiration. Anyway, I enjoy the change away from the overly slanted Avant Garde-ish type even if the difference in weights of Gotham is a bit distracting.

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