16 September 2010

The Stars are back

Two years ago BNZ changed from its Colin Simon designed logo to the one above labeled 'old'. That previous change was covered in a few places UnderConsideration having a good review and some good opinion. It was also covered on Design Assembly with added new points of view over the recent change. Again the redesign was handled by DNA. More information can be found here on the press release.

At first glance I feel it is a nice change. The four star southern cross is uniquely New Zealand. The word-mark retains it bubbly friendliness, while refining the edges to be more square.
The above word-mark is an alternative logo drawn by Kris Sowersby. It is " an optically corrected ’sloped Roman’ based directly on Serrano". Serrano — the font that is used by BNZ on all its collateral — also designed Sowersby.


  1. I say it was a good change, no longer looks like an ice-cream distributer and stills holds that friendly image.

  2. really??? i prefer the old one. I'm not a huge fan of the stars.. they seem a little cliche and would not lock up well for a logos multiple executions... one other thing... southern cross uniquely new zealand?? isn't it visible everywhere in the southern hemisphere?

  3. @peacokle the Southern Cross can definitely be seen elsewhere, but the use of the four stars is something unique to New Zealand's flag, while countries like Samoa, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil use 5 or more.