21 February 2010

Changing cases

"Glassons is New Zealand’s most visited women’s fashion store, and has identified an opportunity for growth in the Australian market. Glassons is renowned for its fast fashion, vibrant stores, and winning value."

I'm not too familiar with this brand, as at anytime someone I am with walks into this store I either wait near by or go for a walk in a different direction. My general opinion is that it supplies cheap clothing that fit into the current trends for women (girls). I assume it generally sits somewhere between Supre and Just Jeans.

Anyway, the logotype has changed and a new logo put into action. The significant difference is a change from lower case — well almost all — to upper case. The previous font looks to be Eurostile Extended. The changed one looks quite similar with geometric almost monospaced characters with more angled cuts on the ends. I generally like the change, mainly because I am adverse to the changing in size of the former logo's 'G', also the fact that Eurostile and especially in an extended form looks dated.

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